Book 1: Changmin Chapter 7

Changmin was fine without a mate; he had been okay ever since he became a werewolf. But little did he expect his world to turn upside down when he finally met his mate.

Genre: Drama, Fluff, ot5 (Changmin-centric, Changmin/FOC, Yunjae, Everyone loves Junsu)

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4Chapter 5, Chapter 6Chapter 7

This chapter is more of a filler chapter more than anything but I hope you still like it!

‘Where will we go? She could be anywhere.’ Wolf asked as Changmin jogged towards the forest.

‘We could start from the place where we first met. Maybe we could go to her school?’ He suggested. Honestly, he was not sure where his mate could be.

As soon as he reached the forest, he immediately changed into a wolf and used his senses to try to locate his mate. There was a strong desire within him to go to the flower meadow within the forest (which happens to be Jaejoong’s favourite spot to hang out with Yunho). Wolf must have sensed it too because he agreed readily with Changmin.

The flower meadow was beautiful as ever, and since it was spring, there were countless flowers blooming in the area. But there was no sight of his mate and it made him confused.

‘Maybe we were wrong?’

‘No.’ Wolf stopped him. ‘Stay here for a while longer. I know we will meet her here.’

True enough, a couple of minutes later, his mate stumbled into sight. Changmin did not know whether it was because she was his mate, or whether it was how the light hit her face, but he could not tear his eyes off of her. Inching closer, he breathed in her scent and oh god did she smell lovely. Wolf pranced around excitedly as they approached her.

“You’re here!” She knelt down to pet his head again. Changmin simply whined in response, too distracted by his mate’s hand brushing through his fur. “I’ve been wanting to see you again for some reason, so I come here everyday hoping to catch a glimpse of you.”

Lying on the ground, Changmin felt blissful. The sunlight was perfect and he was finally able to see her after so long. He still did not know her name (‘How am I supposed to change in front of her and ask her?’) but he was contented just being near her like this.

Snuggling closer to her, he placed his head and front paws on her lap while she gently stroked his fur. “Your fur is beautiful. And it’s so soft too.”

Changmin did not know how they just remained there in silence, but the hours flew by and soon the sun was setting.

“I need to get going now.” She stood up and placed a light kiss on Changmin’s forehead. Wolf was elated and Changmin could not help but yelp in happiness. “I’ll see you again?” Changmin simply nodded his head eagerly. Laughing, his mate ruffled his fur one last time before she headed back down the path.

‘Well, we should get back soon too. I’m sure the others are expecting us.’ Changmin could sense that Wolf was as reluctant as he was in letting his mate go. Problem is, how was he supposed to let his mate know that he’s actually a werewolf?

Troubled, Changmin decided to sprint all the way back while blocking the rest of the pack. This was his own problems, and they did not have to share his burdens. By the time he reached the front driveway, he was panting heavily. Yoochun was standing at the porch, waiting for Changmin.

“You okay?” It did not have to take a lot for Changmin to realise that the others probably (‘There’s no probably, they already know.’ Wolf rolled his eyes.) know of his troubles.

“I’m fine.” Changmin was not the type to share all his feelings, good or bad, with the pack. Yeah sure, they might be family, but he needed his own space too.

“Okay.” Yoochun hesitated slightly. “Tell me if you need me to do anything, okay?”

Changmin sighed. He has been causing trouble for the pack for the past few weeks and even he himself could not solve his own problems. It was unfair of him to expect the pack to constantly be forgiving and accepting of him when he was being such an ass.

‘Maybe you should talk to Yunho and Jaejoong again.’ Wolf suggested.

‘No, Jae is still weak, and Yunho needs to take care of him.’ Changmin stated firmly. ‘This is my issue and I’ll solve it on my own. Besides, we are going to see the Marrock tomorrow. This can wait.’

Our dearest maknae is being closed-off again from the rest of the pack :O Honestly, I’m not quite sure how this story will progress from here (because I hadn’t thought this far when I first wrote it) but it should be okay 🙂

Comments are once again appreciated! 🙂


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