Book 1: Changmin Chapter 5

Changmin was fine without a mate; he had been okay ever since he became a werewolf. But little did he expect his world to turn upside down when he finally met his mate.

Genre: Drama, Fluff, ot5 (Changmin-centric, Changmin/FOC, Yunjae, Everyone loves Junsu)

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4Chapter 5

Chapter 5! A short chapter this time cos I wanted the chapters to flow better 🙂 Comments are always appreciated!

“I think…I know I found my mate.” Not wanting to waste any more time, Changmin decided to just open up and bare it all to the duo. He could sense a slight shock that was quickly covered up. He dared not look at their faces, choosing to face the floor. He was embarrassed, worried and scared that they, his family, would choose to abandon him.

Wolf whined. He was not used to submission and was definitely not happy with Changmin’s decision. Yet, he was sensible enough to kneel and submit to the Alpha’s Wolf and his mate so as to respect Yunho’s dominance.

A hand gently cupped his face, causing him to gaze into a pair of almond coloured eyes. “This…This is what you’ve been keeping from us?”

‘Alpha sounds upset,’ Wolf cried.

“Yes.” It was barely more than a whisper but Changmin was sure that the pair heard it. He could feel the tears forming and pricking his lashes. He never felt so ashamed, so embarrassed ever.

“Min, look at me.” Unwillingly, Changmin raised his head. Instead, Yunho was smiling so gently. Jaejoong immediately enveloped Changmin in a tight hug, cocooning him in a sense of warmth and security he had not felt in a while.

“Why?” He knew he was barely coherent, as he kept repeating his question over and over while he sobbed. Changmin could not understand – why and how could Yunho and Jaejoong be so open – minded and forgiving of him?

“Because no matter what, you are our baby boy.” Jaejoong kissed his forehead. “And honestly, we love each and every one of you so much.”

“You’re not upset?” By now, Changmin had calmed down significantly (due to Jaejoong’s innate and wonderful ability to do so).

“How could we ever be?” His Alpha answered. “Maybe we were a little disappointed that you chose to keep it to yourself, but no, we will never be upset with who you are.”

Through the pack bonds, Changmin could feel acceptance and encouragement from everyone. “See, I told you they wouldn’t chase you out.” Junsu walked into the Alpha’s room and sat beside Changmin. “You’re too important to lose.” As the older male petted his head, Changmin hummed in agreement.

Changmin closed his eyes as he felt a gentle hand stoking his hair. Wolf mewed as the gesture calmed him down. Jaejoong started first, with one hand on Changmin and the other in Yunho’s, he started humming. Slowing, the others picked up on it; Yunho joined in first, gazing into Jaejoong’s eyes. Junsu’s addition helped balance with Yunho’s lower base notes. Lastly, a low baritone voice was heard (which Changmin knew was Yoochun’s. Only question was when did he come into the room?) and Changmin instinctively nuzzled closer to the Alpha and his mate, slowly being lulled to sleep.

Super short chapter so sorry! >.< Thanks for reading and sticking with me through this story hehe 🙂


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