When Jin falls sick

What happens when the oldest member of Bangtan falls sick but tries to keep it to himself.

Genre: Fluff, Fainting, OT7, Everyone loves Jin

Pairing: Namjin (though not mentioned explicitly), Jinkook (not mentioned too hehe), more of a OT7 fanfic

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When he woke up that morning, he knew that something was not right. His head was throbbing, his throat was scratchy and everything hurt. Pulling himself out of bed with a groan, Jin rubbed his temples and he squeezed his eyes shut as the sudden motion made him dizzy.

No, I can’t be sick. Not now. They were going to have their concert in a few days time and he knew that everyone had been looking forward to it. He did not want to be the one to ruin it all for the rest of the band.

Jin shuffled his feet into the kitchen, hands moving instinctively on their own to grab ingredients for breakfast. A full day of rehearsals and sound tests lie ahead of them, and they needed the energy to function. Sighing to himself, Jin closed his eyes again, trying to stop the pounding in his head. No luck.

“Hyung? Are you okay?” A worried voice entered the kitchen. Startled, Jin jumped when a hand was placed on his shoulders.

“I’m fine, Joon. Just…tired.” He gave the younger the biggest smile he could manage.

The younger was not convinced. “You look a little paler than usual. Are you sick?” Namjoon brought a hand up to the eldest’s forehead.

Jin almost purred in contentment at how good Namjoon’s cold hand felt against his skin. “I…I’m fine. Not sick.” Pushing the leader out of the kitchen, he forced Namjoon onto the sofa. “Just wait here. Breakfast will be done soon, I don’t want you to break anything in my kitchen.”

That seemed to do the trick as the younger man simply huffed “Fine” before promptly lying on the sofa, with no further intention of moving.

Jin couldn’t help but grimace as another wave of dizziness hit him. He held himself steady with the kitchen counter and took deep breaths. This was going to be a long day.

By the time the others woke up, Jin was already setting up the table for breakfast. “Hyung! Good morning!” Taehyung grinned his usual boxy smile as he launched himself onto Jin’s back. Jin gasped loudly as black spots started clouding his vision the moment the younger landed on his back. He staggered slightly with the extra load.

“Jin hyung? Are you okay?” Taehyung immediately unlatched himself from the other and peered into Jin’s face with concern. His hyung has never struggled with supporting his weight on his back, so when Jin staggered, alarm bells started ringing in Taehyung’s head.

Jin took a deep breath to steady himself before answering the younger. “I’m fine, Taetae.” He tried to give the younger a comforting smile as he ruffled his hair. “Go have your breakfast.”

Not wanting to disobey his hyung, Taehyung nodded and started pestering his next victim. The maknae was clearly still half-awake as he hadn’t noticed Taehyung smirking devilishly in the corner. Without warning, Taehyung launched himself onto the unsuspecting maknae with a loud roar. Jungkook yelped in surprise and immediately started tackling the other onto the floor.

“Guys, not so loud.” Jin winced as the loud noises from the living room caused his headache to get even worse (if that is even possible). Unfortunately, the two troublemakers didn’t seem bothered and continued with their antics. Taehyung started screaming and giggling as Jungkook overpowered him and started tickling his sides.

Just as Jin was about to ask them to quieten down once more, Namjoon stood up from the couch and whacked them both on their heads. “Yah! Jin hyung told you to quieten down. Why are you not listening?” Almost instantly, both Taehyung and Jungkook stopped their actions and bowed their heads guiltily.

“Sorry hyung.” Taehyung grinned widely. “You’re not angry at us right?”

“No, not angry.” Just very tired and dizzy. Jin tried to shake his head but immediately regretted it. He couldn’t focus on anything and everything started swaying.

Jungkook noticed Jin’s unsteady stance and rushed forward to support him before the eldest fell. “Hyung!” The maknae supported Jin and gently lowered him onto the seat. “Hyung, are you okay?”

Jin felt a pang in his heart when he saw the frightened and concerned looks in his member’s eyes. “I’m okay, really.” Jin gently patted Jungkook’s head. “Go get the others out for breakfast okay, Kookie?” The maknae just stared at him before nodding silently.

“Hyung, are you sick? I can call manager to reschedule if you are.” Namjoon sat next to Jin and took his hand. Jin silently cursed himself for letting the others worry about him. “I said I’m fine. Just…just drop it okay?” Jin whispered back as the rest of the group started streaming in.

“Smells good hyung!” Hoseok quickly grabbed his chopsticks and stuffing his face. Jin smiled slightly as he saw the members digging into the japchae he made before a sharp pain in his head made him wince once more.

“Jin hyung, you’re not eating?” Yoongi eyed Jin’s empty bowl suspiciously. “I…I’m not hungry. I ate when I was cooking.” Jin lied. Truth was, his stomach was so queasy that he wasn’t sure he could keep any food down. As Yoongi continued to stare doubtfully at Jin, he sighed and stood up. “I’ll wait in the car for you guys. Enjoy breakfast.” He quickly walked out of the dorm before they could question him further. He had never been able to hide anything from Yoongi (who could see past his lies easily). It’s only a couple more hours to go. You can do it, Jin. He thought to himself as he dozed off leaning against the car window.

I can’t do it.

It had been two hours into stage rehearsals and Jin was about to collapse. The bright stage lights were too disorientating for him and everything was blurry. He tripped over himself again as he tried to focus on the loud music booming around him. Suddenly, the music stopped and Jin raised his head in surprise. “Jin hyung, are you okay? You made the same mistake again.” Hoseok came over and patted his back gently.

Blinking his eyes slowly as he tried to process the younger’s words, he nodded. Truth was, he couldn’t feel his feet and it felt like someone was pounding his head repeatedly. “Break?” Hoseok asked as the rest of the members started walking to the backstage to rest. Jin nodded silently again as Hoseok smiled encouragingly at him. “Come on, hyung. We should go drink some water.”

He tried to focus on Hoseok’s back as the younger walked towards the others and follow him. But his body wouldn’t listen to him and a wave of dizziness overcame him. All of a sudden, the floor seemed to be moving closer and closer. The last thing he heard was someone shouting “Hyung!” before darkness consumed him.

Namjoon had been keeping an eye on Jin since morning. He had his suspicions that the older male was sick, but since Jin wanted him to drop the matter, he did. But when he saw how Jin’s legs gave up under him as he crumpled onto the ground painfully, he couldn’t stop himself from shouting.

“Hyung!” All the members immediately turned their heads around. Namjoon never had good hand and leg coordination, but in that instant, he rushed towards their eldest member at record speed.

“Jin hyung?” Namjoon gently lifted his head to inspect for any injuries. Luckily, Jin did not seem to have hit his head when he fell.

“What happened? Is Jin hyung going to be okay?” Jimin asked anxiously as he crouched next to Namjoon.

“Namjoon ah, we should carry him backstage for him to rest.” Yoongi placed a hand on the leader’s shoulder. Hearing that, Jimin quickly helped to support Jin’s body and placed him onto Namjoon’s back. The eldest was breathing heavily and a frown was etched on his face.

They quickly carried him and placed him onto the sofa in their changing room backstage. Jungkook grabbed some tissues and started to wipe the sweat off of Jin’s forehead. “Namjoon hyung, what happened?”

“I’m not sure exactly, but I think Jin hyung has been sick since this morning. He suddenly fainted just now when we were heading for our break.” Namjoon frowned. Taehyung must have noticed as he grabbed onto Namjoon’s hand.

“Hyung, it’s not your fault. We all didn’t notice it.” Namjoon simply smiled gently as he squeezed Taehyung’s hand tigher, prompting a boxy grin from the younger.

The moment was cut short as a groan was heard. The boys immediately dropped everything and ran towards Jin. “Hyung? How are you feeling?” Jungkook, who was sitting closest to Jin, helped to support him up. He felt as if he had just finished one of their 12 hour long dance practices. Leaning heavily onto the maknae, he could feel the youngest’s cool hand on his forehead.

“I think he has a slight fever.” Jungkook told Namjoon, who nodded and stood up. Jin could hear Namjoon and Yoongi talking in the background with their managers, but he couldn’t focus on anything as a feeling of nausea swept by. He grimaced, which was spotted by Hoseok.

“He should drink some water. Here.” He could hear Hoseok’s worried voice somewhere near him, but he couldn’t get his vision to focus enough to make out where the members were. “Hyung, open your mouth.” Jimin gently tipped the water bottle near Jin’s lips. A small whine escaped his lips as the cool liquid flowed into his mouth. He felt slightly better and could feel Jungkook gripping onto his back slightly tighter.

“Does he need the hospital?” Yoongi whispered softly. The managers frowned. “It’s probably just fatigue. He won’t need the hospital.” One of them waved his hand dismissively. “You guys should go home and rest. The concert and all schedules will proceed as usual.” The other spoke harshly while eyeing Jin. Namjoon was enraged. One of his members had fainted and the managers were not the least bit concerned about their health. He was about to protest when he felt a small tug on his wrist.

“Joonie…” He heard the older man call out to him softly. Immediately kneeling next to Jin, he took his hand and smiled gently. “Hyung, let’s go back.” He saw the other break into a small smile and nod slightly. Jungkook quickly shifted and helped Jin onto Namjoon’s back, pushing Jin’s hair back to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

Namjoon could hear Jin’s laboured breathing as the eldest rested his head onto his shoulder. When they got to their car he laid Jin down onto the seats at the back. “Namjoon, he cannot lie down. There is no space.” He heard the manager chiding him disapprovingly. Before he could reply, Yoongi replied curtly,” Yes, he can.” He climbed to the back and carefully placed Jin’s head onto his lap, allowing the eldest to lie on his and Namjoon’s laps. On the way back to the dorm, Jin kept mumbling with a frown on his face. Yoongi would gently rake through his hair and try to soothe the older man. The maknae line constantly turned around to glance at Jin with worry filled eyes.

Namjoon wasted no time giving out instructions once they reached home and he placed Jin onto his bed. Yoongi and Hoseok rushed to get medicine for Jin while Taehyung and Jimin prepared wet towels and water to try to bring Jin’s temperature down. Jungkook sat beside the eldest and poured small sips of water into his parted lips.

“Wha-“ Jin could feel something wet press down on his forehead and voices around him. Disorientated, he tried to sit up but was stopped by a firm hand on his shoulder. “Hyung, you should lie down and rest.” A familiar hand was raking through his hair slowly and he could feel himself falling back into unconsciousness.


When he woke up, the room was dark and empty. There was silence outside of the room. Jin groaned as he tried to pull himself up. His head was still throbbing, but it didn’t hurt as much as before. Rubbing his eyes, he tried to listen out for any signs that his band members were outside, but to no avail. Trudging his feet wearily, he headed out of his room and was surprised when he saw six heads turning toward him.

“Jin hyung! You’re awake!” Taehyung quickly rushed to his side to support in to the sofa. He whispered a soft thank you to the younger as they sat on the sofa. Jimin snuggled to his other side and brought a hand to his forehead. “Your fever seems to be better now. How are you feeling hyung?”

“I’m much better. Thank you guys.” He was tired but smiled as Taehyung shifted closer to him. Hoseok passed him a mug, filled with his favourite chamomile tea.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were sick?” Namjoon sighed. Jin instantly felt guilty and looked down to his hands. “I…The concert was coming up and I didn’t want to trouble any of you…” He whispered softly. “I’m sorry for causing so much trouble for all of you.”

Instead of yelling at him, he felt someone hugging him tightly. The maknae had somehow squeezed between him and Jimin and was burying his head into Jin’s chest. “It’s not your fault, hyung. We were all just worried when you fainted.”

“Yeah, don’t scare us like that ever again.” Yoongi tried glaring at Jin but his expression immediately softened when he took in the sight of the three youngest members snuggling up to Jin.

“I promise.” Jin smiled to himself. He loves his little family and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Book 1: Changmin Chapter 7

Changmin was fine without a mate; he had been okay ever since he became a werewolf. But little did he expect his world to turn upside down when he finally met his mate.

Genre: Drama, Fluff, ot5 (Changmin-centric, Changmin/FOC, Yunjae, Everyone loves Junsu)

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4Chapter 5, Chapter 6Chapter 7

This chapter is more of a filler chapter more than anything but I hope you still like it!

‘Where will we go? She could be anywhere.’ Wolf asked as Changmin jogged towards the forest.

‘We could start from the place where we first met. Maybe we could go to her school?’ He suggested. Honestly, he was not sure where his mate could be.

As soon as he reached the forest, he immediately changed into a wolf and used his senses to try to locate his mate. There was a strong desire within him to go to the flower meadow within the forest (which happens to be Jaejoong’s favourite spot to hang out with Yunho). Wolf must have sensed it too because he agreed readily with Changmin.

The flower meadow was beautiful as ever, and since it was spring, there were countless flowers blooming in the area. But there was no sight of his mate and it made him confused.

‘Maybe we were wrong?’

‘No.’ Wolf stopped him. ‘Stay here for a while longer. I know we will meet her here.’

True enough, a couple of minutes later, his mate stumbled into sight. Changmin did not know whether it was because she was his mate, or whether it was how the light hit her face, but he could not tear his eyes off of her. Inching closer, he breathed in her scent and oh god did she smell lovely. Wolf pranced around excitedly as they approached her.

“You’re here!” She knelt down to pet his head again. Changmin simply whined in response, too distracted by his mate’s hand brushing through his fur. “I’ve been wanting to see you again for some reason, so I come here everyday hoping to catch a glimpse of you.”

Lying on the ground, Changmin felt blissful. The sunlight was perfect and he was finally able to see her after so long. He still did not know her name (‘How am I supposed to change in front of her and ask her?’) but he was contented just being near her like this.

Snuggling closer to her, he placed his head and front paws on her lap while she gently stroked his fur. “Your fur is beautiful. And it’s so soft too.”

Changmin did not know how they just remained there in silence, but the hours flew by and soon the sun was setting.

“I need to get going now.” She stood up and placed a light kiss on Changmin’s forehead. Wolf was elated and Changmin could not help but yelp in happiness. “I’ll see you again?” Changmin simply nodded his head eagerly. Laughing, his mate ruffled his fur one last time before she headed back down the path.

‘Well, we should get back soon too. I’m sure the others are expecting us.’ Changmin could sense that Wolf was as reluctant as he was in letting his mate go. Problem is, how was he supposed to let his mate know that he’s actually a werewolf?

Troubled, Changmin decided to sprint all the way back while blocking the rest of the pack. This was his own problems, and they did not have to share his burdens. By the time he reached the front driveway, he was panting heavily. Yoochun was standing at the porch, waiting for Changmin.

“You okay?” It did not have to take a lot for Changmin to realise that the others probably (‘There’s no probably, they already know.’ Wolf rolled his eyes.) know of his troubles.

“I’m fine.” Changmin was not the type to share all his feelings, good or bad, with the pack. Yeah sure, they might be family, but he needed his own space too.

“Okay.” Yoochun hesitated slightly. “Tell me if you need me to do anything, okay?”

Changmin sighed. He has been causing trouble for the pack for the past few weeks and even he himself could not solve his own problems. It was unfair of him to expect the pack to constantly be forgiving and accepting of him when he was being such an ass.

‘Maybe you should talk to Yunho and Jaejoong again.’ Wolf suggested.

‘No, Jae is still weak, and Yunho needs to take care of him.’ Changmin stated firmly. ‘This is my issue and I’ll solve it on my own. Besides, we are going to see the Marrock tomorrow. This can wait.’

Our dearest maknae is being closed-off again from the rest of the pack :O Honestly, I’m not quite sure how this story will progress from here (because I hadn’t thought this far when I first wrote it) but it should be okay 🙂

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Book 1: Changmin Chapter 6

Changmin was fine without a mate; he had been okay ever since he became a werewolf. But little did he expect his world to turn upside down when he finally met his mate.

Genre: Drama, Fluff, ot5 (Changmin-centric, Changmin/FOC, Yunjae, Everyone loves Junsu)

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4Chapter 5, Chapter 6

A longer chapter this time just because 🙂 Also, some love between Junsu and Changmin hehehehe because we all know that Changmin likes teasing Junsu a lot just cos he loves his hyung XD

Changmin was definitely not a morning person. And one of his most hated things in the world was to be woken up when he has not had his full beauty sleep yet. He quickly jerked upright the moment he heard a shout. Groggy and disorientated, he stumbled into the living room, only to find an injured Jaejoong gasping for air in the living room.

Yunho was beside him, trying to stop the bleeding wounds on his mate’s chest. His eyes shined a bright golden glow, and Changmin knew Yunho was trying to keep his calm. The Alpha worked quickly, but Changmin knew he needed to call Yoohwan. Yoohwan was the pack’s doctor, and given the severity of Jaejoong’s wounds, his skills were definitely needed.

Yoohwan must have heard the commotion, as a split second later, he ran out of his room with his bag. Jaejoong’s face was pale and scrunched up in pain. Wolf growled, clearly upset that his pack member has been hurt so badly.

As Yoohwan approached Jaejoong, Yunho hissed and snarled at the Second. Placing one hand on Yunho’s shoulder, Changmin tried to calm the Alpha down. The golden almond – shaped eyes immediately softened and Yunho quickly moved aside for Yoohwan to tend to his mate. Looking at Jaejoong’s scars, they were definitely gumiho claw marks.

Wolf whined uneasily, ‘Do you think this is related to the incident before?’

“I…don’t know.” When a pack member gets hurt, the pack gets closer and everyone finds it hard to stay calm. Yunho was doing a great job not only managing his own emotions, but also stabilising the pack’s.

While werewolves heal quickly, wolves that suffer from great wounds but do not seek help quickly can still die from blood loss. Luckily, Yoohwan was extremely skilled and managed to patch Jaejoong up in no time.

“Pack meeting now.” Placing one hand on his lower back, Yunho ordered his pack while supporting his mate. Even though Jaejoong’s wounds were bandaged, he was still very pale.

Seeing that the submissive was nowhere to be seen, Changmin decided to notify him of Yunho’s orders. Upon reaching his room, however, Changmin immediately sensed that something was wrong. Junsu’s door was slightly open and Changmin could hear him sobbing quietly to himself inside. He opened the door gently, only to see Junsu sitting in a corner of the room. He had obviously not noticed the youngest entering, because as Changmin sat down in front of him, Junsu was startled and quickly wiped his tears away.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You can tell me anything.” Changmin gently placed a hand on Junsu’s shoulder. He was not very good at comforting others (that is Jaejoong’s area of expertise) and often found himself feeling awkward and useless whenever a pack member cried.

“Nothing. Didn’t Yunho call for a meeting? Let’s go.” Junsu tried to stand up and leave but Changmin was quicker.

“That can wait. I’m sure Yunho will understand.” Changmin whipped his phone out and sent a message to the Alpha. Even though he wouldn’t admit it, Changmin has always had a soft spot for the submissive. Junsu was like the glue of the pack, without him, the pack would not be able to hold everyone together.

“Now, tell me what’s wrong.” Changmin lowered himself beside Junsu, wrapping one arm around the latter’s shoulders.

“It was my fault.” Junsu whispered. “Jaejoong got injured because of me.” Tears started streaming down the cherubic face once more.

“What do you mean? He was attacked by a gumiho, wasn’t he?”

“We were out patrolling together, and I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t even notice the gumiho presence until she was right behind me and…” Junsu clutched onto Changmin’s shirt as he wailed. “Jaejoong jumped in to save me. He got injured protecting me.”

“Hey hey it’s okay.” He hugged the upset submissive tightly. “I’m sure everyone understands.” Changmin could feel Wolf cuddling with Junsu’s and trying to calm the latter down.

“Look at me.” Grabbing Junsu’s face gently, Changmin stared into the pair of frightened eyes. “It’s not your fault. If it’s anyone’s, it’s the fault of that gumiho for messing with us, okay?”

Junsu simply nodded his head. “Thanks.” Junsu’s wolf howled in agreement and instantly Changmin felt much better.

“Shall we go to the pack meeting then? I’m sure they are still waiting for us.” Leading the way, the duo headed to the living room, where like Changmin said, the pack was waiting patiently for them.

Jaejoong looked much better than before, but was still leaning heavily onto Yunho for support. Yunho placed a firm arm around his mate, allowing Jaejoong to lean onto his shoulder. When he noticed the duo enter the room, he broke into a small smile.

“You’re here.” Yoochun shifted himself to make some room for the pair.

“Su, are you okay?” As soon as Jaejoong asked that question, tears starting welling up in Junsu’s eyes again.

“Hyung, I’m so sorry!” The submissive ran up and gave Jaejoong a big hug. “Sorry sorry sor-“

“Hey, you have nothing to be sorry about. I’m fine.” Changmin was grateful that Jaejoong interrupted Junsu’s rambling (because it can go on for hours). The Alpha’s mate placed a light kiss on Junsu’s forehead, while Yunho patted his head. Junsu whined slightly before settling back to sit beside Yoochun, who grabbed onto the submissive’s hand for support.

“I’m guessing you all know why we are having this pack meeting today.” Yunho addressed. The mood in the room suddenly turned sombre and Wolf shifted uneasily.

“We had the same gumiho problem a few days ago, but this time, they have taken it too far. I won’t stand for it when my pack is hurt.” The Alpha’s eyes burnt a bright golden and Jaejoong immediately put his hand on the Alpha’s. Almost instantly, the gold specks faded and Yunho gave a sigh before giving Jaejoong a small peck on his lips gratefully. “The Marrock has called for a meeting with the surrounding packs in the region and we will be leaving tomorrow.”

‘Tomorrow? That’s too soon!’ Wolf huffed. Changmin agreed readily. He had planned to go visit his mate (‘You mean you want to stalk her like a creepy pervert.’ Wolf snickered.) but now everything had to be put on hold.

Yunho must have sensed that something was amiss as he quickly glanced at Changmin. “Nothing will be planned for today. Jae needs to rest and I’m sure you have some loose ends to tie up too.”

Changmin smiled and mouthed a small thank you. He has always been grateful and thankful for being in such a welcoming pack, and Yunho and Jaejoong have been so incredibly patient and accepting of all of them.

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Book 1: Changmin Chapter 5

Changmin was fine without a mate; he had been okay ever since he became a werewolf. But little did he expect his world to turn upside down when he finally met his mate.

Genre: Drama, Fluff, ot5 (Changmin-centric, Changmin/FOC, Yunjae, Everyone loves Junsu)

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4Chapter 5

Chapter 5! A short chapter this time cos I wanted the chapters to flow better 🙂 Comments are always appreciated!

“I think…I know I found my mate.” Not wanting to waste any more time, Changmin decided to just open up and bare it all to the duo. He could sense a slight shock that was quickly covered up. He dared not look at their faces, choosing to face the floor. He was embarrassed, worried and scared that they, his family, would choose to abandon him.

Wolf whined. He was not used to submission and was definitely not happy with Changmin’s decision. Yet, he was sensible enough to kneel and submit to the Alpha’s Wolf and his mate so as to respect Yunho’s dominance.

A hand gently cupped his face, causing him to gaze into a pair of almond coloured eyes. “This…This is what you’ve been keeping from us?”

‘Alpha sounds upset,’ Wolf cried.

“Yes.” It was barely more than a whisper but Changmin was sure that the pair heard it. He could feel the tears forming and pricking his lashes. He never felt so ashamed, so embarrassed ever.

“Min, look at me.” Unwillingly, Changmin raised his head. Instead, Yunho was smiling so gently. Jaejoong immediately enveloped Changmin in a tight hug, cocooning him in a sense of warmth and security he had not felt in a while.

“Why?” He knew he was barely coherent, as he kept repeating his question over and over while he sobbed. Changmin could not understand – why and how could Yunho and Jaejoong be so open – minded and forgiving of him?

“Because no matter what, you are our baby boy.” Jaejoong kissed his forehead. “And honestly, we love each and every one of you so much.”

“You’re not upset?” By now, Changmin had calmed down significantly (due to Jaejoong’s innate and wonderful ability to do so).

“How could we ever be?” His Alpha answered. “Maybe we were a little disappointed that you chose to keep it to yourself, but no, we will never be upset with who you are.”

Through the pack bonds, Changmin could feel acceptance and encouragement from everyone. “See, I told you they wouldn’t chase you out.” Junsu walked into the Alpha’s room and sat beside Changmin. “You’re too important to lose.” As the older male petted his head, Changmin hummed in agreement.

Changmin closed his eyes as he felt a gentle hand stoking his hair. Wolf mewed as the gesture calmed him down. Jaejoong started first, with one hand on Changmin and the other in Yunho’s, he started humming. Slowing, the others picked up on it; Yunho joined in first, gazing into Jaejoong’s eyes. Junsu’s addition helped balance with Yunho’s lower base notes. Lastly, a low baritone voice was heard (which Changmin knew was Yoochun’s. Only question was when did he come into the room?) and Changmin instinctively nuzzled closer to the Alpha and his mate, slowly being lulled to sleep.

Super short chapter so sorry! >.< Thanks for reading and sticking with me through this story hehe 🙂