Book 1: Changmin Chapter 4

Changmin was fine without a mate; he had been okay ever since he became a werewolf. But little did he expect his world to turn upside down when he finally met his mate.

Genre: Drama, Fluff, ot5 (Changmin-centric, Changmin/FOC, Yunjae, Everyone loves Junsu)

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

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True enough, as soon as Changmin stepped through the front door, Yunho and Jaejoong were waiting for him in the living room.

“How’s the patrol?” Yunho spoke first.

“It…um…it was…okay.” Changmin stuttered. (“The one thing Changmin doesn’t do well is lie.” As Junsu likes to put it.)

Instead of questioning him further, the pack Alpha simply placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him an understanding smile before walking away. Jaejoong followed behind him, but not before giving Changmin a small hug.

‘They know.’

‘Yes, but they are giving you space.’ Wolf gently reminded him. ‘Yunho is a good Alpha.’ And Changmin couldn’t agree more.

Changmin spent the next few days desperately trying to push his feelings down. He was feeling a constant desire to meet and see his mate again (‘You didn’t even get her name. How are you going to find her?’ Wolf smirked, causing Changmin to huff in annoyance.) and he could not concentrate on anything. The pack could sense that something was wrong but they were kind enough to give him space and not push him to reveal everything.

Though he appreciated everyone’s intentions, the sense of desire and longing for his mate eventually overcame him. Banging loudly on Junsu’s door, he let himself in even before the latter said anything.

“I was waiting for you to come, you know?” Junsu spoke softly, lying on his bed and reading a book. He turned around to face Changmin and smiled.

Sighing, Changmin sank to the ground. “It’s complicated.”

“I can deal with complicated.” Junsu closed his book. As the submissive of the pack, Junsu was like the glue that held everyone together. He helped to calm the pack down and listened to everyone’s troubles.

“I’m not sure how to put it across…” Changmin hesitated. “Do you promise not to tell anyone about it?”

Junsu gave a warm smile. “I promise.”

“I…I found my mate.” Not knowing how to put it across in words, Changmin decided that it was easier to show it to Junsu instead. He recounted that fateful encounter to the elder pack member through the pack bonds, trying to shield the other members out.

Junsu gasped. “Your mate! You need to tell Yunho.”

“I know. But what if…” What if Yunho kicks me out?

Apparently, Junsu was thinking the exact same question. Placing a hand on the youngest’s shoulder, he gave Changmin a reassuring smile. “I’m sure Yunho wouldn’t. You know he wouldn’t.”

Wolf whined in agreement. ‘Yunho will understand. The pack will understand.’

“Thanks.” Changmin hugged the submissive. He didn’t talk to Junsu as often as he should have (when he had troubles) but everytime he did, Junsu seemed to be able to solve all his issues for him.

Slowly closing the door behind him, Changmin walked with heavy steps into the kitchen, in search of the Alpha. Jaejoong was preparing dinner and the said Alpha had his arms around the older man’s waist, face buried into his neck. Yunho was whispering into his mate’s ear, causing the older man to giggle slightly. Just as he was about to leave to give the couple some privacy, they noticed his presence and immediately broke away.

“What’s wrong, Min?” Yunho’s usually calm voice had a worried tone to it. Not that Changmin could blame him, considering that he had hid the truth from the pack for weeks.

“I…I need to talk to you. Both of you.” He whispered. Part of him felt guilty, guilty for having hid such an important truth from his Alpha; another part of him felt scared, scared of what would happen if his Alpha did not accept him. Immediately, the two was at his side.

“We’ll talk in the room.” Yunho grasped onto Changmin’s hand firmly and for once, the younger man submitted willingly. Even Wolf felt the pressure of Yunho’s authoritative aura.

“Yun.” Jaejoong placed a hand onto the Alpha’s shoulder as they sat on the bed. Almost instantly, Changmin could sense the tension in the air disappearing and he was grateful to Jaejoong for that. While Yunho was one of the best Alphas out there, like all other Alphas, he was sometimes unable to control his temper when his dominance was threatened.

Luckily for him (and the rest of the pack), Jaejoong was doing an excellent job of being Yunho’s mate. As the Alpha’s mate, Jaejoong helped to calm the pack leader down and also ensured things were in order when the Alpha was not around.

Giving a long sigh, Yunho faced Jaejoong and gave him a small but knowing smile before looking back at Changmin again. “Sorry Min, did I scare you?”

“No, no that doesn’t matter.” Changmin hesitated. “I have something to tell you and…”

“Hey, it’s okay. You know that no matter what happens, you’ll always be our dearest maknae.” Jaejoong gave him a big hug. “And I’ll definitely protect you from this big bad wolf over here.” He signalled to Yunho, who appeared offended, earning a chuckle from Changmin.

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Book 1: Changmin Chapter 3

Changmin was fine without a mate; he had been okay ever since he became a werewolf. But little did he expect his world to turn upside down when he finally met his mate.

Genre: Drama, Fluff, ot5 (Changmin-centric, Changmin/FOC, Yunjae, Everyone loves Junsu)

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

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“They should be here somewhere…oh my god!” Changmin had leapt onto someone (or something) and growled. A strange feeling overcame him and Wolf howled. Quickly backing away, Changmin frowned.

A wave of warmth swept through him and he felt giddy. Subconsciously, Changmin felt an innate desire to relax and let his guard down. It was an unfamiliar feeling, but yet it felt good.

‘Min, it’s our mate.’ Wolf gasped in horror as Changmin finally looked down at his prey.

It was a young girl, looking absolutely terrified, with a backpack and map in her hand. Shocked, Changmin took a few more steps backwards.

‘How could it be? She’s a…’ Changmin couldn’t believe his eyes. He had heard of werewolves having humans as mates, but it occurred very rarely. Werewolves outlived humans by centuries and it was hard for a wolf to continue living on after their mate has passed on. There was a wolf, Siwon, in Kangin’s pack, who had a human mate. When his human mate passed away, he secluded himself from the pack for hundreds of years before returning recently. Changmin was not sure how to react in a situation like this.

The young girl looked at Changmin curiously. “Are you okay?” she reached a hand out to pat his head. Changmin knew that it was wrong for them to interact with humans, but he could not help but scoot a little closer to the girl.

‘This feels good.’ Wolf nuzzled and Changmin unconsciously let out another whine.

She let out a laugh and continued patting him. “Could you help me? I was supposed to be here on a school trip but I lost my group.”

Instinctively, Changmin wanted to back away. He knew it was too dangerous for humans to see them (worse still, to help them! Imagine how mad Yunho would be!) but he could not just leave this young defenceless girl alone (‘You just want to spend more time with your mate.’ Wolf huffed.) Whining, he nuzzled closer to his mate and felt the same warmness he felt earlier. Motioning to his left, he whined again.

“You want me to follow you?” The girl stood up. Changmin nodded and continued to lead her out, glancing back every now and then to make sure she was following. His mate kept a hand on his back, which made him feel slight tingles down his spine. As they approached the edge of the forest, Changmin started to slow down.

“Thank you for your help.” She knelt down and kissed his forehead, causing Wolf to yelp in happiness.

Not wanting to part, Changmin growled lowly and scooted closer to her. Laughing, his mate hugged him one final time before she stood up. “I’ll come back to visit you again, okay?” Changmin watched as she safely left the forest and rejoined her group of high school students before he turned around and left.

‘We found our mate!’ Wolf chirped ecstatically. ‘Let’s go back and tell the pack!’

Changmin stopped right on his track. ‘What’s wrong?’ Wolf asked.

‘What are we going to tell the pack? I…We can’t tell them that we have a human mate!’

‘Why not?’

‘Because…because it’s not normal! What if they all hate me after that because of this?’ Changmin roared. He was worried and anxious of how the pack would respond to this.

‘Maybe we shouldn’t tell them yet…not until we are ready.’ Wolf suggested.

‘It’s not going to work. They probably already know what’s wrong.’ One of the downsides of being a werewolf is that everyone had access to everyone’s minds and it was difficult to keep secrets. The pack had probably already sensed Changmin’s mood shifts and understood what had happened. (‘Especially Jaejoong, he’s too perceptive for his own good.’ Wolf huffed in annoyance.)

‘Let’s just head back for now. I’ll think of something to say when they ask me about it.’ Changmin sighed and quickly ran back to the lodge.

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Book 1: Changmin Chapter 2

Changmin was fine without a mate; he had been okay ever since he became a werewolf. But little did he expect his world to turn upside down when he finally met his mate.

Genre: Drama, Fluff, ot5 (Changmin-centric, Changmin/FOC, Yunjae, Everyone loves Junsu)

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

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The sound of the doors opening break his chain of thought and a wide smile appeared on Yoochun’s face. Seconds later, a familiar hand was on his shoulder.

“We saved some pizza for you. Want me to heat it up for you?” Junsu asked as he stood up to head to the kitchen.

“That’ll be great. Thanks.” Changmin noted the slight strain in Yoohwan’s usually gentle voice and the slight frown that spread across his brother’s face.

‘They’ll tell us. When they are ready.’ Wolf reminds him softly, just as Changmin was about to ask Yoochun about it.

There was a slight ripple of displeasure that flooded through the pack bonds, and instinctively, Changmin growled. He felt Yunho’s presence and comfort, and almost instantly, he found himself calming down.

‘Pack meeting. Now.’ The Alpha still sounded calm but the youngest knew that it was probably due to Jaejoong (who has some innate ability to make his leader be at peace).

Taking a sneak glance at the brothers, he noticed that Yoohwan looked a lot more distressed than a few seconds ago. Even with Yoochun having a hand on his back, Yoohwan was panicking and there were gold specks in his eyes. Changmin knew that when his eyes were completely gold, his wolf had taken over and nothing good could come out of it.

‘Panicking won’t make anything better. Trust Yunho.’ Wolf nudged him as Changmin made his way to the living room. Yunho and Jaejoong were already there.

“Min.” Yunho nodded his head to acknowledge his presence and motioned for him to take a seat. Gradually, the pack arrived at the living room and a wave of calm flooded across the room. Changmin noted that Yoohwan had calmed down visibly, even though Yoochun still continued to place a hand protectively on his brother’s shoulder.

“There has been a slight problem.” Yunho sighed. “Yoohwan, do you want to address the pack?”

“There was a…a body of a wolf. A young one, I think. I found him when I was coming back from work. And then…” Yoohwan shuddered.

“And then he noticed a gumiho presence in the area.” Yoochun growled, noticing that his brother was unable to continue.

“You don’t think she…she killed him, do you?” Junsu squeaked. Yunho immediately relieved everyone’s anxiety and Junsu let out a small sigh.

“What do we do?” Changmin glanced at Yunho. Gumihos are not nice by nature and the two species have had feuds in the past. But it was always better to coexist peacefully and Changmin knew that Yunho would never choose to fight unless the pack was threatened.

“We’ll wait. Observe. If need be, I’ll call Kangin.” Kangin was the marrock and not a force to be reckoned with. As marrock, he had authority and control over the packs in the surrounding region, including Yunho’s.

“Yunho and I will go investigate the body. We will need Yoohwan to lead us there.” Jaejoong laid a hand on Yoohwan’s shoulder. “And yes, you can come with us.” He gently added after sensing Yoochun’s discomfort.

“Min, I need you to scout the area and see if you sense anything out of the ordinary. Su, stay and hold the fort. We will be back soon.” Yunho instructed as he stood up.

Nodding his head, Changmin checked in with his wolf. Shape shifting was never easy, but Changmin loved the freedom that came along with it. Being a wolf meant that he could travel much easier (“And because he has a great body,” Junsu added sulking) and Wolf readily agreed with him.

Leaping into the driveway, he quickly changed and sped into the woods. It had rained the night before, so the grass was wet and muddy, causing Wolf to whine in displeasure.

Taking quick glances around, Changmin sniffed the air. There was something amiss and Wolf immediately tensed up.

‘Something smells sweet.’ Wolf warned. ‘Be careful.’

Being a werewolf meant that they had heightened senses and Changmin often used it to his advantage when scouting. There was a slight rustling of the leaves and the snapping of twigs that indicated to him of another presence.

‘And it’s coming closer. Behind the bushes.’ Changmin inched his way closer and bared his fangs. Wolf snarled in response and prepared for attack.