Book 1: Changmin Chapter 1

Hi! So I’ve been wanting to attempt to write a long series for a while, but never got around to doing it because the last time I wrote a series fanfic was a few years ago. I decided to try writing one, and have worked on this series for a long time! 🙂 Super proud of it, even though it’s not even finished yet.

From the title, yes this is book 1. And this series will surround Changmin, and his point of view. I’m not sure how many books there will be in this series, but hopefully it will be a long one and I hope you will stay with me throughout this whole ride. 😀 Also I would like to thank caleyedoscope for inspiring this fanfic. I read her series Clair De Lune ( and was very very inspired by it. This fanfic is not set in the same universe as hers, but I would like to thank her for the inspiration. 🙂

Comments/reviews/suggestions are always appreciated and I would love to hear from you! If you would like to suggest anything for the plot/how the story should proceed, I would be glad to hear it. The story is still being written so there are definitely areas that can be improved and changed. 🙂 ❤

Genre: Drama, Fluff, ot5 (Changmin-centric, Changmin/FOC, Yunjae, Everyone loves Junsu)

Chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 2

Changmin growled. He was tired and hungry, but dinner was not ready. And he blamed Jaejoong.

The Jaejoong that was supposed to be preparing dinner but was too busy. Too busy groping and kissing his Yunho. His mate.

‘Well, maybe you should get a mate too.’ Wolf smirked.

‘Shut up. I know what I need to do.’

Changmin had been mateless for a long time. A really long time. When he first met (and eventually joined) Yunho, he was but a young cub, a couple of years old. The older Alpha had guided him and took him under his wing when he had nowhere else to go.

‘Even Yunho has his mate.’ Wolf gently nudged him.

The Alpha had recently found out that Jaejoong was his mate after the latter opened up to the pack. The two eldest pack members had spent the past few weeks mating and just being disgustingly flirty around each other.

‘I said shut up.’ Changmin hissed at his wolf. He was very hungry and mating was definitely not a priority now. Jaejoong had promised him dinner at 6. It was 8pm and nothing was served.

“Why not we order take out? I doubt those two would be done anytime soon.” Yoochun walked into the living room and petted Changmin’s head. “Come on, stop frowning. I’ll let you choose what to order, okay?”

A wide grin immediately spread across his face. Being the youngest in the pack usually pissed him off but it has its perks sometimes as well. And one of the best ones was that the rest usually gave in to him easily.

“I want pizza. The kind that Jaejoong hates.” This time, Yoochun chuckled.

“Really, Min? Sometimes I really wonder if you’re a petty five year old.”

Wolf whined. He was not submissive by nature (“Too willful and stubborn,” as Jaejoong likes to say), but Yoochun’s rank was higher than his, and Changmin couldn’t defy him.

Within minutes, the pizza arrived and even the frisky couple (name courtesy of Yoochun) couldn’t resist coming out of their room (technically Yunho’s but since Jaejoong spends close to 90% of his time in there, it’s kind of shared).

“Yah Shim Changmin! You ordered this on purpose! You know I hate pepperoni!” Jaejoong screamed in frustration and launched at the youngest.

“Yay pizza!” Junsu, their oblivious submissive, quickly plopped at the dining table and helped himself to the meal. As Yunho came out of his room (half-naked, but Changmin was too busy defending himself to care), he stopped to ruffle Junsu’s hair before placing another kiss on Jaejoong’s lips, quickly calming the latter down.

“I’m sure Changmin knows he’s wrong, doesn’t he?” The Alpha just sent him a small smile. “Come on, we can cook ourselves a meal and spend some time in the kitchen. Alone.” His mate just whined in response before following him to the kitchen.

“Do we need to leave any for them?” Junsu had taken the time to hog the largest pizza to himself and was busy stuffing his face with it.

“Well, knowing Jae, those two would probably not be hungry after they are done feeding on one another.” Yoochun took a big bite out of his slice. “But save some for Yoohwan. He should be coming back soon.”

Changmin remembered the day Yoochun and Yoohwan joined the pack. They had clearly been attacked, and were coated with dried blood, dirt and mud as they limped into the driveway. The pack had been welcoming, but it took months before the two brothers revealed what happened to the pack.

“We are mates.” Yoohwan had wrapped his arm protectively around his older brother. “We were kicked out of our old pack after they found out.”

Incest was a taboo and especially so between werewolves. No one said anything but Yunho, their loving and oh-so-forgiving Alpha, just simply embraced the two. He remembered Yoochun breaking down (Yoochun has always been a cry baby) and how Yunho just kept repeating the same phrase “You are always welcomed here.”

Since then, Yoohwan assumed the role of the Second in Yunho’s pack, and as his mate, Yoochun assumed the same rank as his brother.

‘Well, they seem much happier now too. Maybe getting a mate will make you happy too?’ Wolf has been bugging Changmin to get his mate for a long time. He would not say it aloud, but truthfully, he agrees with Wolf.

A wolf that does not have a mate is like living a life without colour – it’s not unlivable, but not exciting. He has known of some werewolves who chose to live in recluse, alone without a pack or a mate. While they did certainly enjoy a greater degree of freedom, a lone wolf faced a great deal of danger especially when attacked by large and hostile packs. Furthermore, the loneliness of years of living alone can catch up with oneself and it is not pleasant.

‘You make me happy. The pack makes me happy. I don’t need a mate.’ He quickly stuffed his feelings as deep as possible, hoping that Wolf would just drop the matter.

‘For now.’ Wolf gently reminded him.

I would like to thank my lovely beta skyresjourney for helping me! ❤ She’s lovely and does some travel blogs, movie and book reviews, and some educational/philosophical stuff too 🙂