Being ill isn’t as bad as it seems

Summary: Dan was sick but decided not to tell Phil as he didn’t want Phil to worry about him. In the end, Dan fainted at a Youtube panel.

Genre: hurt/comfort, slight fluff at the end

Note: this is my first phan fanfiction so comments are well appreciated! 😀


Dan woke up to a throbbing headache. “F-fuck!” The bright sunlight streaming in from the windows just made it worse.

“Dan, wake up! We have to meet the others at 8!” Phil shouted from the toilet.

“I’m up,” Dan groaned as he sat up. Picking up his phone, he scrolled through the social media sites. Not being in the mood to reply to anyone’s tweets, Dan threw his phone aside and pulled the duvet across his head.

Wait. What is today’s date?

Dan suddenly sat upright again, causing a wave of nausea to sweep across him. Clutching his head in his hands, he winced as the throbbing in his head intensified. Grabbing his phone, he quickly looked at the screen.

21st October 2015

Shit. Not today.

“Dan, are you awake yet?” Phil walked out of the shower, towel wrapped around his body. He immediately rushed over to Dan’s side as soon as they made eye contact.

“Dan, are you alright? You don’t look so good,” Phil asked, with eyes filled with worry and concern.

“I-I’m fine.” Dan croaked, trying to stand up. He cursed to himself as he stumbled on his own feet.

“Woah woah, slow down! I don’t think you’re fine, Dan. Let’s just cancel our activities for today so that you can rest well.” Phil grabbed Dan before the latter fell.

Dan shook his head slowly. “Phil, I’m fine. C’mon, the fans are all waiting for us.” Dan shuffled himself to the toilet to freshen up.

Phil huffed in annoyance as he leaned against the toilet door. “Dan, I know you’re not fine. Vidcon can wait. I’m calling Louise to-”

“I’m fine!” Dan shouted. Phil stared at him, shocked. Feeling slightly guilty, Dan turned to look at his reflection once more. “Honestly, Phil, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” He assured the older man.

“Fine, but tell me if you feel sick okay?” Phil patted Dan’s back as the latter nodded before getting ready for the panel.

Looking at his own reflection, Dan got a slight shock. His face was unusually pale and his dark eye circles were more obvious than ever.

I look like shit.

“Hurry Dan! We are kind of late!” Upon hearing Phil’s voice, Dan panicked.

Well, nothing a little concealer can’t do. I’ll just have to borrow it from Louise later. Dan gave himself a mental note before brushing his fringe neatly to the side.

“I’m done!”

“C’mon then! We are so late!” Phil quickly locked the hotel room and the duo ran towards the meeting location.

Unfortunately for Dan, the running made his nausea worse. To make it even worse, as he entered the lift, he suddenly became dizzy and his legs gave up on him.

“Dan!” Luckily, Phil caught him in time before Dan hit his head against the wall. “Daniel, we are going back right now. You’re sick and you need to rest.” Phil commanded authoritatively.

Protesting, Dan pulled himself up. “I’ll be okay, I promise. Now, didn’t you say we were late?”

Sighing, Phil helped Dan up to his feet. Spotting the group of Youtubers at the hotel lobby, Phil immediately waved wildly.

“I see them! C’mon let’s go!” Phil jumped excitedly as he dragged Dan along with him.

“Hey guys! Sorry we are late, Dan didn’t wanna wake up this morning.” Phil greeted everyone chirpily. Dan rolled his eyes and was about the make a snide comment when he spotted Louise from the corner of his eye. Excusing himself, he made his way over as quickly as possible.


“Hey Dan! Wow, what happened to you? You look so pale!” Louise gasped as she surveyed Dan’s face.

“I’m fine, really. Could you just lend me your concealer?”

“Daniel, are you sick? Cos I’m telling Phil this very moment to-”

“Jesus Christ, I’m fine okay? Just lend me the bloody concealer and don’t tell Phil where I went.” Dan was sick and tired of everyone asking him the same questions. Couldn’t they tell that Vidcon and the fans meant a lot to him?

It’s just a couple of hours. You can do this! Dan quickly dapped some concealer under his eyes before heading out.

As the group was ushered backstage, Dan’s headache got worse and his vision started getting blurry. Grabbing onto the thing nearest to him (which was Phil’s arm), he closed his eyes as his head throbbed mercilessly.

“Dan, what’s wrong?” Phil turned him around, his voice was full of concern. “Do you want to sit down and rest?”

You stupid spork, now you’ve made Phil worried!

Trying to put up a front, Dan forced a smile. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.”

“So now, let us invite your favourite British Youtubers: Zoella, Sprinkleofglitter, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Pointlessblog, ThatcherJoe and Marcus Butler!”

Dan groaned as Phil pulled him up. “You’re sure you’ll be fine?” Phil patted Dan’s arm as they walked on stage. Dan nodded quickly as they heard the cheers and screams of hundreds and thousands of fans.

Dan immediately smiled and waved enthusiastically. This was the best part of these Youtube events – the fans. I’m not going to let some stupid illness get to me!

However, as the panel dragged on, Dan could feel himself losing focus. His eyelids were closing and no matter how hard he fought, he just couldn’t keep them open…

“Dan! Hello, Dan? Are you there?” His eyes snapped wide open as he looked around confused.


“It’s your turn to answer! We are all sharing about the reasons we started our Youtube channels.” Marcus, who was sitting beside Dan, handed him the microphone.

“Oh, okay. Sorry, I spaced out.” Dan mumbled incoherently as he stood up. The sudden motion caused him to feel dizzy again as he stumbled. The bright flashing lights and the loud screams from the fans were definitely not helping.

He couldn’t remember anything. The last thing he saw was Phil’s frantic expression before he blacked out.



Who’s that? What’s that thing beeping?

Dan tried to move but every single muscle on his body just would not obey him. He squinted as the bright lights above shone directly into his eyes.

“P-Phil?” His voice came out as a whisper but Phil heard it anyway. Dropping the book in his hands, Phil rushed over to the younger’s side.

“Dan! You’re finally awake! You’ve been asleep for over 5 hours.” Phil gently helped Dan sit up.

“W-wait, what? 5 hours? What about the panel?” Dan panicked as he tried to get off the bed. “Phil, we have to go back!” Trying to stand up, Dan ended up stumbling and falling as he lost his balance.

“Dan, don’t worry, the panel is over. You fainted halfway through the panel and we’re now at the hospital. I’ll deal with everything okay? Just don’t worry and rest well.” Phil carried Dan up onto the bed and kissed his forehead. “Now, just focus on recovering. The doctor said you had a fever that led to the headache and the fainting.”

“You’re not mad?” Dan asked quietly.

Phil sighed as he hugged his lover. “Of course I’m mad. How could you not tell me you were sick? Did you know how worried I was when you collapsed on stage?” Tears welled up in those blue eyes and Dan felt his heart ache.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want you to worry about me.” Dan wiped the tears away. “Forgive me?”

“Just don’t ever do that to me ever again okay? I don’t wanna lose you.” Dan sighed contentedly as Phil cuddled up with him on the small hospital bed.

“Stay?” Dan could feel his eyes closing as Phil stroked his hair gently.

“For as long as you want me to. Now, rest well. I love you.” As Dan closed his eyes, he smiled to himself.

I love you too.


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